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Sunday, September 29th, 2002
1:21 pm
So i read Rachel's journal a while ago. SOOO SOO AWESOME!!! so anywho i have to do homework but i don't understand this crap so i'm gonna call krystle cuz she has the same homework to see if she understands it. yeah yeah so i'm gonna go shower now

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Saturday, September 28th, 2002
5:52 pm
Yesterday was an ok day, after school i came home cuz field hockey was cancelled. and um at like 8 oclock i went to the movies with krystle and we saw The barbershop. it was a good funny movie. this guy in it is like the hottest guy ever, his name is Michael Ealy. so anyways after i kinda felt really just like blah...krystle was all like she doesn't think i should go out wit cedric anyways cuz hes a playa. but u can't just judge someone like that. whatever. theres like a block party on my street...boring

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Friday, September 27th, 2002
5:31 pm
These people are so gullable.
SO like before me and Cedric actually knew each other, last year in 9th grade Janelle tried to hook us up but we only use to talk online then this year we started talkin and actaully met or whatever so look at this
i don't really go out wit cedric i was just playing

BiLLyS GC gUrL: i go out wit cedric
CTSILLEST: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
BiLLyS GC gUrL: yeah
CTSILLEST: i'm so happy
BiLLyS GC gUrL: why?
CTSILLEST: i knew u guys were good 4 eachother
BiLLyS GC gUrL: hehehe
CTSILLEST: thats y i wanted to hook u 2 up
BiLLyS GC gUrL: lol yeah

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Thursday, September 26th, 2002
4:29 pm - JUSTIN...BRITNEY
Justin Timberlake fucked Britney Spears


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Monday, September 23rd, 2002
8:08 pm
Yo i forgot to say i saw Sylvester today!!! he is sooo adorable. i passed by and i didn't even notice him and hes like "hey hows it goin" i was like hey! lol yeah so anyways he is still the same cutie as always

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Thats exactly what it was an ordinary day like no other. no cedric funny cuz i go to school to learn not to see Cedric but every single day someone brings him up outta no where hehe...um yeah a lil obsessed there are we? not me.... so anywho Field Hockey was cool. Tara's a buttlicker...someone hit me wit a fry today....we got a game tomorow. yay, i have soo much homework....BLAH

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Sunday, September 22nd, 2002
5:29 pm
So i got a new journal...i'm not leaving this journal, the other journal is just so i can write some stuff that i can't write in here. ya know there is some stuff u don't want certain people reading. well yeah thats why i have that journal but u guyz are all free to add me, i'll add u guyz back. on the other journal it says who the person is so shhh (its friends only) wewillneverknow <~ from Kellys song!!

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Thursday, September 19th, 2002
7:27 pm - my dayyy
So I am goin to talk about my day....

Homeroom- blah blah its mad boring
Gym- today was our last day of playin flag football, the next sport we play is gonna be Lacrosse. did i ever tell yall how cute this guy named Roberto is. he put his arm around me before, cuz we had to huddle up to talk about the play yeah lol
Math- it went by kinda quick i guess, but math is boring either way
Jewerly- OMG my thing is coming out so ugly already!!!!! Ashley had to help me cut part of it cuz i broke like 50 billion of those blade things and i kept hiding them from the teacher, lol i never told her i broke them
American Gov't- thats a boring class, the only cool part is lookin at the teacher cuz hes hott
Biology- can i say FREAKIN BORING!!!! yo this chick be stayin on kevins nuts i swear it was funny Krystal was like u can tell he doesn't even like it
English- It was ok, it went by really quick, brandon was being so stupid, he was sayin i had a thong on and talkin about all these chicks was wearing thongs today i was like omg shut up. i need to get away from that boy.
Lunch- it was sooo embaressin right cuz i had my yearbook. and that dave kid i think was lookin through it and when he got to the page i was no i tried to cover it so then i couldn't so i tryed grabbin it and like i was basically on top of him and all these people were lookin at me from like 4 tables. it was so embaressing. i was sooo red. so then um i just talked to them for a bit. umm and they were talkin about some dude named Mike Brockaskdjasd something i dunno, i think thats the eminem look a like but i dunno prolly not. but i went to my brother and ask him who he was but he had already left and um my brother told me a while ago that they are brothers. so yeah
Spanish- it was boringgggggggggg

Field hockey- we did indian sprints or whatever, i actually didn't even walk for that....except i had to tie my shoes so i had to stop real quick. Yo i swear Coach K does not like Naisha she is always pickin on her. i find it so freakin funny and i so don't blame her i told her that too, i was like i feel u. i ended up partnered up with her too i hit her with the stick in her knee by mistake. lol it was funny, and u should see her chin guards omg they are so funny they are so tiny they don't fit her right. so anyways i got hit with the ball once again while tryin to score a goal during practice. that is 2 fingers 8 to go, cuz i swear by the end of the season at least 3 or 4 more of my fingers are gonna be fucked up...

so when i got home i called Krystle and talked to her for a bit. about school, lol about how we don't like white boys anymore and how it was mlc, and we was talkin about some fine dudes at windsor high and she got herself a junior. lol...

omg yo i forgot this, right i was in the kitchen and my brother was there and im on the phone wit krystle and she asks me if i found out what number cedric was. and i go "yah 36" and my brother heard the number 36 and he got mad and was like what about 36. and i was like shut up u already know what im talkin about. and he goes what ur friend is on cedrics nuts too. he's such an asshole if anything cedric is on my nuts even though i don't have any...lol jk

I'm so hungry rite now, but overall today was a cool day...except before field hockey but i already wrote about that in my journal

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Wednesday, September 18th, 2002
9:08 pm - *yawn* im so sleepy
I still have homework which i'll do in the morning cuz i don't feel like reading


BiLLyS GC gUrL: jawaan will u marry me
JaYNyCe33: sure why not


yo i swear thats all he thinks about

JaYNyCe33: haha lol why do u wanna marry me
BiLLyS GC gUrL: becuz i love u
JaYNyCe33: no u dont
BiLLyS GC gUrL: yes i doooooooo
JaYNyCe33: lol alrihgt then
BiLLyS GC gUrL: ok ok ok
JaYNyCe33: lol yea
JaYNyCe33: oh well since we are married we get to have sex and junk lol kidding
BiLLyS GC gUrL: yeah

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8:44 pm - alex is so funny!!!
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i didn't say i had a point
BiLLyS GC gUrL: yo shut up
debalexnat: no i said kim and chris
BiLLyS GC gUrL: how was i pretending to cuddle
BiLLyS GC gUrL: ohhh
debalexnat: nevermind, this is stupid
BiLLyS GC gUrL: who was pretendin to cuddle then
debalexnat: yeah....
debalexnat: lol
debalexnat: them, they weren't even really into each other they just wanted to be like everyone else
BiLLyS GC gUrL: lmao

its prolly confusin but yeah it was funnnayyyy

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Tuesday, September 17th, 2002
8:22 pm - yes im a bored lil girl
So i decided i would do what xobadkittyxo did cause it sounds occupying...

ajinmypocket - She has awesome icons and i love reading her journal!
ashirox - Benji rawkz and so does she!
aylarose - haven't seen any recent updates but BSB woo!!!
babieblue - my new justin timberlake loving friend...she so awesome already!
benji_boy - the real benji kicks ass and so does he
billy_27 - anything that has the word billy in it...i love
can_i_say - CAN I SAY COOL!!!!! :)
coastersrock - FILED HOCKEY ALL THE WAY!!!
curlietoes - YAY FOR KELLY
drewish - my newest friend, he sounds way cool, lol guess what his interests r sluts (userinfo)
3chordvalentine - This chick is so cool! she has the best icons and and shes just cool
fallenstarrr - um yea
grungediva - Awesome girl...GO FOR IT!!!
happydreamer -great girl, great journal
heavenzangel - USHER USHER USHER...awesome journal
humanxerror - i really haven't seen many post but any LJ friendz rawk my sawkz
jawbreaker - one of my old friends...back in the BSB days. lol i think
joel_the_thug - ne thing dat gotta do wit joel is koo yo!! koo jus like da rill joel!! w00t
jujubee3 OMG she likes AVRIL!!! can i make it anymore obvious?!!
kwistan - one of my old cool awesome totally great lj friends!!
meynsue - EAST COAST BABY!!!
mozzie77- dude Passions rawkz, anyone who likes passions is awesome
ohicouldscream -omg, her Eminem icon is just omg
penquinboy -very interesting journal entries which i don't understand but LJ people r cooollll
pennylane118 - yay for sophomores, yay for dashboard yay for TOM!!! this girl has a hott icon!!
pixel_ - CAITY IS COOL!!!
queenofheartsr - this girl is so awesome, I LOVE HER ALREADY!!!
rotinobscurity - one of my new friends. yay
sixdollaburger - hottness, need i say anymore???
sodapop_300 -i love readin her journal!
starlight117 - i remember she had that Billy icon i use to drool over!!! j/p
suicide_pills - w00t another sophomore!!! YAY!!
sza_sam - nice artwork, cuteeeeeee guy
viperguy - he watches passions...AWESOMENESSSSSS
winterschild - KARYN!!!! old mlcer just like me!!! YAY
bleedingheart - cool journal..nice layout

OMG IM DONE, i know some of them are like blah but yeah i dunno, i couldnt think of anything to say to some people

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Sunday, September 15th, 2002
8:06 pm
OMG haha everyones gonna think im a ho!!!

KrstynCrzy: i saw that picture of u and chris on the bus
BiLLyS GC gUrL: who showed u jen?
KrstynCrzy: yyeah
KrstynCrzy: the one whn ur face is in his crotch
BiLLyS GC gUrL: omg lol
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i wanna see those
BiLLyS GC gUrL: did anyone else see those?
KrstynCrzy: they were passing it around in the moring
KrstynCrzy: yeah alot of people
BiLLyS GC gUrL: like what people saw them
KrstynCrzy: i don't know
KrstynCrzy: i gues almost evey body

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Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
7:25 pm
guess who i didn't see today??? yeah cedric *sigh* i wrote him a lettter but i never see him anyways. for um gym, we had to draw some plays or whatever then after we had an assembly about 9/11, then i had jewerly which was fuckin cold cuz its in the "rubber gym" then wa american gov't, biology, english then lunch. Ah w00t my fav period of the day, lol i like botherin those lil boys. tara's a butt licker, she was like does ur brother know ur sittin wit a bunch of boys, so yea she told him, lol. and um yeah those dudes were like "do u think wilfredo is a fox" and im all like hes my brother, then he started namin my brothers friends and askin me if i thought they were hott and i didn't know like most of them, then hes like how about tara's brother, im like these lil kids are like senior stalkers. lol i swear, it was funny theres this dude in my english class i didn't know krystal (this girl) told me and um the lil kids were all introducin me to people, it twas funso anyways after lunch was um spanish blah blah, thats all it was. Then school was over...woohoo, field hockey blah whatever some people piss me off and that naisha chick thinks im her friend she won't leave me alone, even in the hallways shes like talkin to me, so yeah i dunno
gots ta sho ya'll all a picture of my cute GC freshmen boy!!!

lookie...cutieCollapse )

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Saturday, August 17th, 2002
7:40 pm

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7:02 pm - Something Corporate
the banner is so not workin but i think if u click it it takes u to the site....its a contest

Pony has released a compilation CD which features a very special version of "Hurricane" (version not on Leaving Through the Window). How awesome!! To promote this CD, Gadzooks is running a contest for $500 in Pony gear!

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Friday, June 28th, 2002
8:38 pm

Are you addicted to aim? by Brit

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Wednesday, June 19th, 2002
2:55 pm - hmmmm :) :) :)
Today was the last day of school, i came to school happy happy happy becuz of something someone told me yesterday. :) :) I need to stop cuz i am a dork and i sound obsessed but i am definitely not. so hmmm today was cool they had that town meeting thingy, it was good, and craig and nick was cute. Craig looked super sexy and Nick did too, he got his hair braided. hehe ghetto white boy.. AHHH so so hott. so anywho that was cool, i had to like be like a fan and jump on nick or like al hug him when he was walkin down the aisle. i felt dumb cuz krystle was suppose to do it wit me but she didn't. at the end of school i had to give nick that letter but i was scurred so i gave it to mr. b to give to Nick, mr. brodnitzki looked at it and looked at me and im like don't read it. and he was just smilin cuz it had a lil heart on it and im like seriously don't. lol then he gave it to him and i saw nick openin it then ran so anywho im leavin in a couple hours to my uncles house then tomorow im out to puerto rico so yeah i guess im out for now peace

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Tuesday, June 18th, 2002
9:38 pm - LMAO OH MAN IM SO FUNNY!!!!
hmmm belly button still hurts
fuck piercings i swear
i shall put ice or something on it when im done
i'm like half asleep but i dun't wanna go to sleep just yet. hehehe shh no1 knows why

this is very interesting. lol...hmmmm


im babblin

yeah what what tomorow after school i leave to my uncles house

i am going to miss you all!!!!! haha maybe i'll update from down there.

peace!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! ...;) lol

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6:21 pm - HAPPY
I happen to be very happy right now, hmm Class Night kinda sucked yesterday but whateva, i am so happy though cuz

1. School is over tomorow
2. Craig said he liked the CD i gave him

See at first he told me he liked it and i was like yeah right ur juss sayin that and he was like na im dead serious i really did. I was happy cuz i didn't think he would like it cuz these were the songs on it

Without me- Eminem
Down 4 u- Ja rule wit ashanti, chuck and vita
Rock da boat- Aaliyah
More than a woman- Aaliyah
Makin good love- Avant
(those were the extra songs schanell chose)
(these are the songs i chose)

Dangerously in love- Destinys Child
I can love you like that- All 4 one
Do i ever cross your mind- Brian McKnight
Angel of Mine- Monica
Never had a dream come true- S club 7
Dreaming of you- Selina
For all time- Soluna
I need love- Nsync
I drive myself crazy- Nsync
Don't wanna loose you- BSB
I need you tonight- BSB
Ghost of you and me- BBMak
I'd do anything- Simple Plan
Konstantine- something corporate
fallin even more in love w/ you- Lifehouse
Screaming Infidelities- Dashboard Confessional
Song for a mix tape- The Ataris

and the lil letter thingy, inside it said those songs kinda expressed the way i felt about him or whatever

so anywho im glad he liked it

now i can't wait til school is over. i can't believe i am sayin that but im sure tomorow ima be hatin it. but oh well i guess that im out for now

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Monday, June 17th, 2002
5:59 pm
haha guess what people today is class night, yes class night, this is gonna be so booty, i have to be there in a half hour and my dad hasn't even gotten ready yet. i dun like my outfit, i look weird, but like i said im not tryin to impress anyone. so whateva


so here it goes

::pick up phone dials number::

Jake: Thank u for callin hot topic this is jake how may i help you?
Me: hi, does adam happen to be available right now?
Jake: yeah hold on plz
Adam: hellooo (lol it was funny, umm he does not sound hot)
Me: My friend has a crush on you ::click::

lol i know i am super dumb, but i was bored
well i go now, this was ajournal entry about crap like every other entry i write. oh well peace out bitches and gentlemen

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