This is *me* (christinas) wrote,
This is *me*

its always fun to argue with girls that are obsessed wit my brother

Mecca2999: hey
BiLLyS GC gUrL: hi
Mecca2999: wat up
BiLLyS GC gUrL: nothin u
Mecca2999: same jc
Mecca2999: bradan brought u up today
BiLLyS GC gUrL: oh...what did he say?
Mecca2999: where is will
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i dunno
BiLLyS GC gUrL: damn u know megan rite ?
Mecca2999: yea
Mecca2999: wat about her
BiLLyS GC gUrL: if u talk to her tell her to stop fuckin callin cuz she is gettin on my nerves
Mecca2999: heyyyy it's jessica...and that was me so CALM THE FUCK're at home on a friday night.
BiLLyS GC gUrL: well then stop callin cuz i already said my brother is not home and he don't wanna tal kto u anyways thx shut the fuck up
Mecca2999: lol oh ok...thanks
BiLLyS GC gUrL: yep lol thats exactly what i was sayin when my brother told me how ugly u r
Mecca2999: lol you thanked him?
BiLLyS GC gUrL: no u dumb ass i said lol
Mecca2999: are you seriously having this conversation with me?
BiLLyS GC gUrL: yo r u dumb or sumthin
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i said lol
Mecca2999: omg...shut up
BiLLyS GC gUrL: omg how bout u shut up get off my brothers nuts yo
Mecca2999: how about you..damn
BiLLyS GC gUrL: sorry im not on my brothers nuts....ur the one callin him like over and over when i already said hes not home
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i don't think im on his nuts come on now think about it
Mecca2999: TWO TIMES
Mecca2999: this is dumb goodbyr
BiLLyS GC gUrL: then u had cedric call
BiLLyS GC gUrL: yeah u mean ur dumb
BiLLyS GC gUrL: yo my brother don't want ur grimey ass
BiLLyS GC gUrL: so fuck off
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