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School 2day was alright. Everything went fast we had a fire drill well it wasn't suppose to happen though someone musta pulled it so we didn't have our AG test...everything was boring i was depressed almost all day...*jawaan* gave me a hug um spanish we had a test. oh yeah had to do the mile run today hm i did bad but i was the first gurl done in our class ,in the hallway someone like grabbed my face and had like no clue who it was but im guessin it was chris. field hockey was like whatever. i dunno ...same as always i guess. i lost my lil screw thing for my belly button so i put tape over it at practice then i lost the whole flower thing so wen i got home i was lookin for my other ring thing and wen i found it it was not goin through the whole so i stuck a needle through my belly button then it had like this ball thing on the top so i tried pullin that through my belly button and it hurt like hell and wouldn't go through but i finally got the ring in after like after 45 minutes of pain. it hurts soo much rite now :( gah
oh yeah and *ced* thinks i am mad at him, cuz brandon came up to me and asked me if i was mad at him cuz he called my name in the hallway and i just kept walking. im tired of hearin he tells people he likes me but he doesn't tell me...i'm tired about hearin the fact that he is scared of my brother, thats soo tired of people tellin me what i should and shouldn't do who i should go out wit and who i shouldn't go out wit like they run my life then they try to tell me my brother is wrong. damn its like so r u ur tellin me not to go out wit him. oh yeah u should just go out wit jawaan cuz cedrics not gonna ask u out. yeah gee thanx fuck u too
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