This is *me* (christinas) wrote,
This is *me*
christinas screwed...jawaan ...cedric

JaYNyCe33: hello
BiLLyS GC gUrL: hey
JaYNyCe33: so u gonna make me wiat till tomororw?
BiLLyS GC gUrL: yes
BiLLyS GC gUrL: ok well im just gonna tell u now
BiLLyS GC gUrL: ok i'ma start with i just got off the phone wit krystle right
BiLLyS GC gUrL: and she was talkin about ced
JaYNyCe33: yea
BiLLyS GC gUrL: and i don't know if i wanna do it anymore
BiLLyS GC gUrL: im sory
JaYNyCe33: oh alrihgt then
JaYNyCe33: what about ced tho?
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i don't want u to be mad though
BiLLyS GC gUrL: she was tellin me that he wrote her a letter
BiLLyS GC gUrL: sayin that he really likes me or whatever
BiLLyS GC gUrL: adn that he wants to ask me out but he is scared of my brother
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i dunno
JaYNyCe33: nope im not mad it was ur decision
JaYNyCe33: oh ok....
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i dunno if the cedric thing is true though
JaYNyCe33: oh
JaYNyCe33: ok whatever then
BiLLyS GC gUrL: ur mad aren't u
BiLLyS GC gUrL: just admit it
JaYNyCe33: its alrihgt with me whenever ur ready to come back to me ill be there
JaYNyCe33: nope im not mad
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i like u or whatever
BiLLyS GC gUrL: but i like cedric too
JaYNyCe33: yea
JaYNyCe33: i c
BiLLyS GC gUrL: but the thing is u just want head
BiLLyS GC gUrL: so whats the point anyways
JaYNyCe33: no thats not true i dont want head if u dont want to give it
BiLLyS GC gUrL: yeah but u do want it
JaYNyCe33: i dont just want head
JaYNyCe33: im in it for the relationship
JaYNyCe33: of course ask said and i bet he would say he would want head
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i'm sure he would
JaYNyCe33: be like ced would u want me to give u head and he would say yes
BiLLyS GC gUrL: but there's the difference
BiLLyS GC gUrL: u ask me every time i talk to u
BiLLyS GC gUrL: he doesn't
JaYNyCe33: yea but im kidding with u cause i know u wouldnt do it
JaYNyCe33: but i guess that ruined anychance of us going out but whatever
BiLLyS GC gUrL: yeah...
JaYNyCe33: its alrihgt tho me and u are still friends thats all that matters
BiLLyS GC gUrL: yeah im sry
JaYNyCe33: its alrihgt u have nothing to be sorry about lol
JaYNyCe33: dont worry i still love u
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i still love u too

I'm such a bitch
gosh i guess i kinda had a chance with both of them and i kinda ruined the chances of something happenin with jawaan and most likely with ced too
i hate myself.
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