This is *me* (christinas) wrote,
This is *me*

School was not cool today, whatever. i saw *ced* today and i talked to him a little bit in the hall. i ignored jawaan cuz um yeah he's just a freakin head craver....but yeah um we had a game today and no1 knew so most people didn't have their shirts but we lost anyways and let me tell u windsor high is one ghetto ass school. and um we lost, but everyone did sooo good. We got back and i saw jawaan but i still ain't talk to him then i walked wit kristyn to the other side to see if her parents were there but they weren't so i walked back then i saw my mom over there and had to walk back over there and i came home and i haven't done any homework or eaten anything and im starving and i duno what my homework is...and jawaan is still buggin me, hes like

me: r u mad at me
him: no
him: i still love you even though u don't know yet
me: yeah i still love you even though i don't know yet
him: oh so do u know yet?

can u believe that kid.


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