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aww jawaan is such a dorky boy

BiLLyS GC gUrL: what do u have 11th period?
JaYNyCe33: study hall why?
BiLLyS GC gUrL: juss wonderin'
JaYNyCe33: what do u have
BiLLyS GC gUrL: lunchhhhhh
JaYNyCe33: one day me and u should skip so we can go make out together lol
BiLLyS GC gUrL: yeah
JaYNyCe33: lol would u do that
BiLLyS GC gUrL: uh sure
JaYNyCe33: serious
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i guess yeah
JaYNyCe33: lol
JaYNyCe33: haha alrihgt


BiLLyS GC gUrL: u talk to krista rite
JaYNyCe33: sometimes why?
BiLLyS GC gUrL: does she ever talk shit about me and krystle
JaYNyCe33: once she did u i think why
BiLLyS GC gUrL: figures
BiLLyS GC gUrL: what she say
JaYNyCe33: something about u givin head to some dude in a picture
BiLLyS GC gUrL: oh lol
JaYNyCe33: oh so its true
BiLLyS GC gUrL: no i wasn't given him head
BiLLyS GC gUrL: but my head was in his crotch
JaYNyCe33: oh i c
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i don't remember that day though, i just know that people have all these pictures of me and him
JaYNyCe33: oh i c maybe u can give it to me for real lol kidding


he always ruins something special, like i'll be like

me: so whats up
him: nothin just thinkin about u
me: yeah me too
him: no ur not
me: well i was just sayin that cuz u said it
him: but i was serious
me: no ur weren't
him: yes i was
me: why?
him: i dunno because u look good lol i dunno
me: oh
me: ur sooo cute

and so on then he'll go on to say sumthin like "suck me crystal"

bad jawaan

lol now we're havin this whole lil thing about giving head

ugh i don't know
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