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This is *me*

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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004
2:22 pm - hey
hey!!!! i havent wrote in here in like sooo long! so okie...my boyfriend jason that i talked about in here before...i still go out wit him! its gonna b a year this month!!! on the 28th i mite get use to updatin this again i dunno tho it depends on if i have time or not i hardly go online nemore but yeah i dident kno there was a site where u can get married online lol like for fake im goin to do it! lol ttyl bye

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Sunday, October 26th, 2003
7:09 pm - ~*~HEY~*~
~*> Im back! <*~

current mood: okay

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Monday, January 6th, 2003
4:21 pm - YAY
Happy Birthday loreen

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Saturday, December 7th, 2002
9:23 pm
Take my Quiz on QuizYourFriends.com!

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Tuesday, November 19th, 2002
9:04 pm - dam guess what im gonna be wen i gro up????
my name is crys
and i'm here to tell ya this
joeys hot
dont be mad cuz yo not
but he act like shit
so i guess hes not gonna "work it"
thats ok cuz mikes fuckin fine
dam i want him to be mine
theres this dude who wont leave me alone
dam i wanna hit him wit a fuckin bone
right in his big ass head
but fo now i gotta go, mikes waitin fo me in bed
i'll be back wit some mo lyrics
but now its time for me to go get some dick

yea yo a rapper...hows that sound?

current mood: crazy

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Tuesday, October 29th, 2002
8:40 pm - um wow, i didn't do some stuff rite but o well


Once upon a time there has a young PROSTITUTE named JOEY. He was RUN SCREWING in the YELLOW forest when he met PRETTY BILLY, a run-away STRIPPER from the UGLY Queen CHLOE.

JOEY could see that PRETTY BILLY was hungry so he reached into his SHAMPOO and give him his DISGUSTING APPLES. PRETTY BILLY was thankful for JOEY's APPLES, so he told JOEY a very PINK story about Queen CHLOE's daughter CRYSTAL. How her mother, the UGLY Queen CHLOE, keep her locked away in a BANK protected by a gigantic DOG, because CRYSTAL was so BEAUTIFUL.

JOEY SCREWED. He vowed to PRETTY BILLY the STRIPPER that he would save the BEAUTIFUL CRYSTAL. He would KISSING the DOG, and take CRYSTAL far away from her eveil mother, the UGLY Queen CHLOE, and HUMPING her.

Then, all of the sudden, there was a HORRIBLE SEX and PRETTY BILLY the STRIPPER began to laugh. With a puff of smoke he turned into the gigantic DOG from his story. UGLY Queen CHLOE RAN out from behind a CONDOM and struck JOEY dead. In the far off BANK you could hear a BANG.


Make your own Fairy Tale at fuali.com

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8:07 pm
This girl was all like GC'd today. She had on a Good Charlotte shirt, and she had her make up like Benji does it then on one hand i saw it said Paul. and then Benji and i didn't see her other hand but im sure it prolly siad Joel. then Billy or suttin.really interestin i like the way she had her make up though, it was cool

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7:09 pm - just an update
Joeys a cutie

current mood: GREAT

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Friday, October 25th, 2002
9:58 pm - its always fun to argue with girls that are obsessed wit my brother
Mecca2999: hey
BiLLyS GC gUrL: hi
Mecca2999: wat up
BiLLyS GC gUrL: nothin u
Mecca2999: same jc
Mecca2999: bradan brought u up today
BiLLyS GC gUrL: oh...what did he say?
Mecca2999: where is will
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i dunno
BiLLyS GC gUrL: damn u know megan rite ?
Mecca2999: yea
Mecca2999: wat about her
BiLLyS GC gUrL: if u talk to her tell her to stop fuckin callin cuz she is gettin on my nerves
Mecca2999: heyyyy it's jessica...and that was me so CALM THE FUCK DOWN...you're at home on a friday night.
BiLLyS GC gUrL: well then stop callin cuz i already said my brother is not home and he don't wanna tal kto u anyways thx shut the fuck up
Mecca2999: lol oh ok...thanks
BiLLyS GC gUrL: yep lol thats exactly what i was sayin when my brother told me how ugly u r
Mecca2999: lol you thanked him?
BiLLyS GC gUrL: no u dumb ass i said lol
Mecca2999: are you seriously having this conversation with me?
BiLLyS GC gUrL: yo r u dumb or sumthin
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i said lol
Mecca2999: omg...shut up
BiLLyS GC gUrL: omg how bout u shut up get off my brothers nuts yo
Mecca2999: how about you..damn
BiLLyS GC gUrL: sorry im not on my brothers nuts....ur the one callin him like over and over when i already said hes not home
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i don't think im on his nuts come on now think about it
Mecca2999: TWO TIMES
Mecca2999: this is dumb goodbyr
BiLLyS GC gUrL: then u had cedric call
BiLLyS GC gUrL: yeah u mean ur dumb
BiLLyS GC gUrL: yo my brother don't want ur grimey ass
BiLLyS GC gUrL: so fuck off

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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2002
6:19 pm
OMG jaydebeth made me a new icon! and i love it, it soo pretty!

Today well nothin happen today, we had a half day and i came home wit krystle then we went to the high school then came back and watched passions then i went to field hockey, what a day....Tara is such a dork though, the things she does are sooo stupid they end up being hilarious jus cuz their stupid

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Sunday, October 20th, 2002
8:01 pm - no shit
Which member of GC are you most likely to fuck?

brought to you by Quizilla

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Monday, October 14th, 2002
9:44 pm
I just figured out i use the word "like" way too much

'awww, he is sooo sweet.....:) weird how like people who are like always goofing around and stuff have like that sweet and sensitive side. its the most adorable thing '

3 times in like the same sentence...

I need to do homework, i only had english but i lost the paper that i needed to pick the things from, i dunno, oh well i'm so gonna fail that class cuz i don't do anyof my homework for that class

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11:11 am - whoa...i'm a dork
Yesterday I commented in my own journal.
I'm soo tired, I sohuld be in bed
School tomorow
YUCK! maybe i should start homework

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Sunday, October 13th, 2002
11:04 pm - bored...ehh...can't u tell???
BiLLyS GC gUrL: he has the sexiest lips ever
BiLLyS GC gUrL: lol
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i can't get them outta my mind
BiLLyS GC gUrL: which brings me to my dream
BiLLyS GC gUrL: where i got to taste those juicy lips
lilkrys911: omg
lilkrys911: devon has the sexiest lips
lilkrys911: i juss wanna suck em
lilkrys911: lol
BiLLyS GC gUrL: micandres are sexier
BiLLyS GC gUrL: lol
lilkrys911: no
BiLLyS GC gUrL: yes
BiLLyS GC gUrL: devons are weird shaped
lilkrys911: devon
BiLLyS GC gUrL: his are like pointy
BiLLyS GC gUrL: lol
lilkrys911: e/r i like em
lilkrys911: lol
lilkrys911: *w/e
BiLLyS GC gUrL: micandres are sexier though
lilkrys911: to you maybe
BiLLyS GC gUrL: no but devons are ugly tho
BiLLyS GC gUrL: if u saw micandre
BiLLyS GC gUrL: omg
lilkrys911: wow

yah i'm off to bed now
i think i need sleep, lol i'm being way too weird
weirder then i usually am

current mood: weird

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Saturday, October 12th, 2002
6:07 pm - boredom....
QuizzesCollapse )

current mood: bored

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Wednesday, October 2nd, 2002
6:32 pm
School 2day was alright. Everything went fast we had a fire drill well it wasn't suppose to happen though someone musta pulled it so we didn't have our AG test...everything was boring i was depressed almost all day...*jawaan* gave me a hug um spanish we had a test. oh yeah had to do the mile run today hm i did bad but i was the first gurl done in our class ,in the hallway someone like grabbed my face and had like no clue who it was but im guessin it was chris. field hockey was like whatever. i dunno ...same as always i guess. i lost my lil screw thing for my belly button so i put tape over it at practice then i lost the whole flower thing so wen i got home i was lookin for my other ring thing and wen i found it it was not goin through the whole so i stuck a needle through my belly button then it had like this ball thing on the top so i tried pullin that through my belly button and it hurt like hell and wouldn't go through but i finally got the ring in after like after 45 minutes of pain. it hurts soo much rite now :( gah
oh yeah and *ced* thinks i am mad at him, cuz brandon came up to me and asked me if i was mad at him cuz he called my name in the hallway and i just kept walking. im tired of hearin he tells people he likes me but he doesn't tell me...i'm tired about hearin the fact that he is scared of my brother, thats soo dumb...im tired of people tellin me what i should and shouldn't do who i should go out wit and who i shouldn't go out wit like they run my life then they try to tell me my brother is wrong. damn its like so r u ur tellin me not to go out wit him. oh yeah u should just go out wit jawaan cuz cedrics not gonna ask u out. yeah gee thanx fuck u too

current mood: pain

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Monday, September 30th, 2002
8:16 pm - he makes me feel better
JaYNyCe33: haha i guess that skipping lunch is out of the picture lol
BiLLyS GC gUrL: lol hey i could still skip

so adorable.

i'm making this sign that i'm gonna wear tomorow to get people to come to our game and me and kym are supposidly gonna wear thongs over our shorts lol cuz of the dudes she was talkin to so yeah haha i think we're gonna win this one!!!!

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8:07 pm - damn...im screwed...jawaan ...cedric
JaYNyCe33: hello
BiLLyS GC gUrL: hey
JaYNyCe33: so u gonna make me wiat till tomororw?
BiLLyS GC gUrL: yes
BiLLyS GC gUrL: ok well im just gonna tell u now
BiLLyS GC gUrL: ok i'ma start with i just got off the phone wit krystle right
BiLLyS GC gUrL: and she was talkin about ced
JaYNyCe33: yea
BiLLyS GC gUrL: and i don't know if i wanna do it anymore
BiLLyS GC gUrL: im sory
JaYNyCe33: oh alrihgt then
JaYNyCe33: what about ced tho?
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i don't want u to be mad though
BiLLyS GC gUrL: she was tellin me that he wrote her a letter
BiLLyS GC gUrL: sayin that he really likes me or whatever
BiLLyS GC gUrL: adn that he wants to ask me out but he is scared of my brother
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i dunno
JaYNyCe33: nope im not mad it was ur decision
JaYNyCe33: oh ok....
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i dunno if the cedric thing is true though
JaYNyCe33: oh
JaYNyCe33: ok whatever then
BiLLyS GC gUrL: ur mad aren't u
BiLLyS GC gUrL: just admit it
JaYNyCe33: its alrihgt with me whenever ur ready to come back to me ill be there
JaYNyCe33: nope im not mad
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i like u or whatever
BiLLyS GC gUrL: but i like cedric too
JaYNyCe33: yea
JaYNyCe33: i c
BiLLyS GC gUrL: but the thing is u just want head
BiLLyS GC gUrL: so whats the point anyways
JaYNyCe33: no thats not true i dont want head if u dont want to give it
BiLLyS GC gUrL: yeah but u do want it
JaYNyCe33: i dont just want head
JaYNyCe33: im in it for the relationship
JaYNyCe33: of course ask said and i bet he would say he would want head
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i'm sure he would
JaYNyCe33: be like ced would u want me to give u head and he would say yes
BiLLyS GC gUrL: but there's the difference
BiLLyS GC gUrL: u ask me every time i talk to u
BiLLyS GC gUrL: he doesn't
JaYNyCe33: yea but im kidding with u cause i know u wouldnt do it
JaYNyCe33: but i guess that ruined anychance of us going out but whatever
BiLLyS GC gUrL: yeah...
JaYNyCe33: its alrihgt tho me and u are still friends thats all that matters
BiLLyS GC gUrL: yeah im sry
JaYNyCe33: its alrihgt u have nothing to be sorry about lol
JaYNyCe33: dont worry i still love u
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i still love u too

I'm such a bitch
gosh i guess i kinda had a chance with both of them and i kinda ruined the chances of something happenin with jawaan and most likely with ced too
i hate myself.

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7:37 pm
School was not cool today, whatever. i saw *ced* today and i talked to him a little bit in the hall. i ignored jawaan cuz um yeah he's just a freakin head craver....but yeah um we had a game today and no1 knew so most people didn't have their shirts but we lost anyways and let me tell u windsor high is one ghetto ass school. and um we lost, but everyone did sooo good. We got back and i saw jawaan but i still ain't talk to him then i walked wit kristyn to the other side to see if her parents were there but they weren't so i walked back then i saw my mom over there and had to walk back over there and i came home and i haven't done any homework or eaten anything and im starving and i duno what my homework is...and jawaan is still buggin me, hes like

me: r u mad at me
him: no
him: i still love you even though u don't know yet
me: yeah i still love you even though i don't know yet
him: oh so do u know yet?

can u believe that kid.



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Sunday, September 29th, 2002
8:30 pm - aww jawaan is such a dorky boy
BiLLyS GC gUrL: what do u have 11th period?
JaYNyCe33: study hall why?
BiLLyS GC gUrL: juss wonderin'
JaYNyCe33: what do u have
BiLLyS GC gUrL: lunchhhhhh
JaYNyCe33: one day me and u should skip so we can go make out together lol
BiLLyS GC gUrL: yeah
JaYNyCe33: lol would u do that
BiLLyS GC gUrL: uh sure
JaYNyCe33: serious
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i guess yeah
JaYNyCe33: lol
JaYNyCe33: haha alrihgt


BiLLyS GC gUrL: u talk to krista rite
JaYNyCe33: sometimes why?
BiLLyS GC gUrL: does she ever talk shit about me and krystle
JaYNyCe33: once she did u i think why
BiLLyS GC gUrL: figures
BiLLyS GC gUrL: what she say
JaYNyCe33: something about u givin head to some dude in a picture
BiLLyS GC gUrL: oh lol
JaYNyCe33: oh so its true
BiLLyS GC gUrL: no i wasn't given him head
BiLLyS GC gUrL: but my head was in his crotch
JaYNyCe33: oh i c
BiLLyS GC gUrL: i don't remember that day though, i just know that people have all these pictures of me and him
JaYNyCe33: oh i c maybe u can give it to me for real lol kidding


he always ruins something special, like i'll be like

me: so whats up
him: nothin just thinkin about u
me: yeah me too
him: no ur not
me: well i was just sayin that cuz u said it
him: but i was serious
me: no ur weren't
him: yes i was
me: why?
him: i dunno because u look good lol i dunno
me: oh
me: ur sooo cute

and so on then he'll go on to say sumthin like "suck me crystal"

bad jawaan

lol now we're havin this whole lil thing about giving head

ugh i don't know

current mood: amused

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